Lights, camera, health and safety, action!

May 2, 2019By AdamTwo Cubed Creative, Video

Read Time: 2 mins YouTube is the home of a huge variety of different videos about every topic imaginable. But one category, in particular, is growing. Video directed at workforces are growing in quality and popularity, I mean it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s affordable and in one fell swoop, you can engage effectively with your workforce. From a new … Read More

Three ways to give video a go

April 9, 2019By AdamTwo Cubed Creative, Video

Read Time: 2 mins Every social media platform actively promotes video through its algorithm and YouTube is the second largest search engine (just after Google). If you want your content to get noticed it better be video! If you’ve never used video before it’s understandable if you’re not sure where to start. So here are just a few examples … Read More

The need for online video just keeps growing

November 22, 2018By AdamVideo

Read Time: 2 mins Lets face it, most of us are on social media or use the internet daily. With 78% of people watching videos every week and a staggering 55% watching something every day! That’s almost 2 billion people watching videos every single day! From America to the UK and even China. A single video can be viewed … Read More

Help Keep the Maldon Up Project Alive!

November 8, 2018By Two Cubed CreativeVideo

Read Time: 2 mins Help keep the Maldon Up Project alive! We’ve been talking about the video that we shot with Mid Essex CCG for a while now, but that’s because we’re incredibly fond of the project and how it is impacting on both the lives of the residents of Longfields care home in Maldon to the children of … Read More

Get Creative with your Content!

October 18, 2018By AdamCUBED!, Video

Read Time: 2 mins Content creation is becoming more and more prevalent within a business. It’s now seen as a vital part of marketing. We now have to think about sharing that content online. We understand this isn’t an easy task to take alone. It can be time-consuming, it’s not always a priority and done the wrong way it … Read More

Fuel your online sales with video🎥

June 21, 2018By Two Cubed CreativeVideo

Read Time: 2 mins Let’s face it, video is a great tool to have at your disposal. Showcase what you do, the products you sell…you get it. The ONS reported that website sales contributed 40.4% to the total e-commerce sales in 2015, an increase from 36.2% in 2014. But online? How does a video help? Can a video really … Read More

Why use a promotional video?

November 2, 2017By Two Cubed CreativeTwo Cubed Creative, Video

Read Time: 2 mins Online video is a great way to promote you, your product or service. Promotional videos, in particular, are becoming a vital marketing tool with Cisco predicting that 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2021. If you haven’t already got a promotional video this could well mean you’re already being left behind by … Read More

Great TV, online

October 25, 2017By AdamVideo

Read Time: 5 mins Streaming services are becoming more and more popular, and with that comes great TV productions. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the latest shows that we’re looking out for.