Got a lot to say? Time to Podcast!

November 26, 2020By AdamTips

Read Time: 4 mins Ever dreamt of hosting your own radio show? Have you got a lot to say? Maybe you want to target people on the go so your audience can take you everywhere? Maybe it’s time to Podcast! Podcasts have become unbelievably popular in the past few years. Covering a wide range of topics, genres and structures. … Read More

Face-to-face, just not face-to-face

October 29, 2020By AdamTips

Read Time: 4 mins We’re living in strange times and our face-to-face interactions have been very much restricted. As much as this has made networking, business, learning and socialising with friends difficult, we’ve also found creative solutions to make sure we stay connected. If you haven’t used a video conferencing system by now, we’d be very surprised! Video conferencing … Read More

A handful of tips to get the most out of your video

February 20, 2019By Two Cubed CreativeTips

Read Time: 2 mins It can sometimes be a challenge to get the most out of your video content, so here are a few simple tips that are guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of your video online. Make sure you share it on multiple platforms, it’s so tempting to just upload it to YouTube and leave it there. There’s … Read More

The rise of short-form video

February 13, 2019By Two Cubed CreativeTips

Read Time: 2 mins The attention span of the average person online is incredibly short and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be increasing anytime soon. With so much variety it’s no surprise that people don’t hang around. If a video is too long, people won’t stick around to consume that content. Alternatively, if they choose to watch … Read More

Be content with your content

October 11, 2018By AdamTips

Read Time: 4 mins It goes without saying that most businesses, charities, organisations and individuals now use social media. You may have of wanted nothing to do with it but in this day and age, it’s a must-have. You want to use it successfully but aren’t sure where to start. We understand the pressure of having up to date and … Read More

Our top tips for interviewing for video!

September 13, 2018By AdamTips

Read Time: 3 mins We’ve done a lot of interviews, some successful and some not so much! Through practice and learning the best ways to interview we’d now say we’re thoroughly versed in the art of interviewing techniques. By no stretch are we journalists but we know how to shoot a good looking interview and we know how to get … Read More

Actually completely free stock footage!

August 30, 2018By AdamTips

Read Time: 3 mins Editing a project or making your own online content? Struggling to find decent stock footage? It’s a problem we have too. Sometimes it’s hard to source your own footage and with a treasure trove of free footage out there, why not make the most of it?! We’re going to give you a few sites that … Read More

Using Video On LinkedIn (or not as the case may be)

August 2, 2018By AdamTips

Read Time: 2 mins LinkedIn is a very different social media platform to what your average joe uses in everyday life. In short, it’s a professional networking site. It’s not somewhere you go to watch cat videos (sometimes) but more to enhance and show off your professional persona, be it you personally or your company. You’re more like to see … Read More

Finding free music for your video isn’t easy

July 19, 2018By AdamTips, Two Cubed Creative

Read Time: 2 mins Finding free music for your video isn’t easy, it’s always been a battle for filmmakers (including ourselves) to either source copyright free sound or music that’s at least reasonably priced. Trying to find pop music at a great price can be a headache. Plus if you use it without permission you soon bump into problems. … Read More

The power of social video

June 6, 2018By Two Cubed CreativeTips

Read Time: 2 mins Social Video is now everywhere, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. We’re going to be talking about the power of Social Video in the digital age and how it can help you, inspire, engage and sell. From big business, SME’s, charities or even self-employed. Video can help you in a number of ways.  Share and Inspire The … Read More