Setting and Achieving Goals on Social Media

June 11, 2020By AdamSocial Media, Two Cubed Creative

Read Time: 4 mins Using social media for marketing as a business is now incredibly important. But to get the most out of your social media profiles you need strong, clear and achievable goals. Without those goals, your social media could quickly become a rudderless ship sailing aimlessly through the online ocean. Let’s talk about setting and achieving goals … Read More

You type too much…

March 11, 2020By AdamSocial Media, Two Cubed Creative

Read Time: 4 mins Social media can be a fickle beast at the best of times, it can leave you feeling very sore after spending hours creating the perfect image or video to present to your audience only for that audience to pay little or no attention to it! But do you ever feel you type too much? We … Read More

It better be quick!

January 21, 2020By AdamMarketing, Social Media

Read Time: 4 mins It better be quick! We’re talking about video calm down, but it’s still very very true in this case. With so much video content in such a busy world, it can seem like you’re under siege with digital content. It’s important that we do everything we possibly can to keep our audience engaged and more … Read More

Facebook is the most popular social network but who’s next?

August 23, 2018By AdamSocial Media

Read Time: 3 mins The world of social media is becoming bigger and more popular year on year, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The top 16 social media platforms share over 9 billion monthly users. So who takes the top spot? 1. As you can probably guess Facebook is the most used monthly social media … Read More