Four marketing mistakes that let people down

August 27, 2020By AdamMarketing

Read Time: 5 mins Marketing can seem like a massive task and it’s easy to start making mistakes when you’re ill-prepared. To get the most out of your marketing good planning, knowing who your audience is and using the digital tools to your advantage are all important. We’re going to take you through four marketing mistakes that let people … Read More

What is a Digital Strategy?

August 20, 2020By AdamMarketing

Read Time: 3 mins Doing anything online requires a strategy, it’s what turns a good idea into a successful one. Having a great idea is the start of something beautiful but executing it in the right way is what’s important. What are you going to need to implement your idea and how are you going to measure whether or … Read More

Free stuff to up your marketing!

June 24, 2020By AdamMarketing, Two Cubed Creative

Read Time: 3 mins It’s sometimes hard to know what digital tools to use and how they complement your marketing strategy. They’re difficult to find and do you really know if they are free free? We’re going to take you through some of the best tools you can use to really up your marketing prowess. From scheduling all of … Read More

Setting and Achieving Goals on Social Media

June 11, 2020By AdamSocial Media, Two Cubed Creative

Read Time: 4 mins Using social media for marketing as a business is now incredibly important. But to get the most out of your social media profiles you need strong, clear and achievable goals. Without those goals, your social media could quickly become a rudderless ship sailing aimlessly through the online ocean. Let’s talk about setting and achieving goals … Read More

Social Media Image Sizes

March 19, 2020By AdamTwo Cubed Creative

Read Time: 3 mins Fed up of creating incredible content for social media only to find out that they’re the wrong size? Fix your social media image sizes! You don’t have to waste time resizing or re-creating images if you have the right dimensions in the first place! We can help. So you could eyeball it, guess the size … Read More

You type too much…

March 11, 2020By AdamSocial Media, Two Cubed Creative

Read Time: 4 mins Social media can be a fickle beast at the best of times, it can leave you feeling very sore after spending hours creating the perfect image or video to present to your audience only for that audience to pay little or no attention to it! But do you ever feel you type too much? We … Read More

It better be quick!

January 21, 2020By AdamMarketing, Social Media

Read Time: 4 mins It better be quick! We’re talking about video calm down, but it’s still very very true in this case. With so much video content in such a busy world, it can seem like you’re under siege with digital content. It’s important that we do everything we possibly can to keep our audience engaged and more … Read More

A clever campaign, full of comedy and subtleties

November 12, 2019By AdamMarketing

Read Time: 2 mins Who doesn’t love a good wind up, but on a national level?! Even better, Paddy Power has changed the game with this campaign! We all know that football is the nations most loved sport, from watching to playing we just can’t get enough. The one criticism most football fans have? Money and how it’s destroyed … Read More

Pro-Snapchat. Anti-Facebook.

August 15, 2019By AdamMarketing

Read Time: 2 mins Snapchat has had its struggles, stock prices plummeting and users leaving the platform left it behind other social media platforms – including the newcomer TikTok. But Snapchat isn’t done, far from it. In a creative combo of making ‘real’ friends and a takedown of what Facebook has become, it’s created a brilliant advertising campaign. You … Read More