Social media can be a fickle beast at the best of times, it can leave you feeling very sore after spending hours creating the perfect image or video to present to your audience only for that audience to pay little or no attention to it! But do you ever feel you type too much?

We love creating content especially video & graphics, but one thing we don’t talk about enough is the text that partners up with that cool content you’ve created.

Do you type too much?

Like most things online now at first glance, it seems easy and maybe there isn’t any technique to it at all? WRONG! Sorry for shouting but you couldn’t be more wrong, copy is a powerful tool!! If not used right it could really come back to haunt you, from the basics of grammatical mistakes to not having a purpose, these “mistakes” could leave a long-lasting and damaging impression of your brand.

Much like our title says, we’ve typed too much, so let’s get to the point. If you have a habit of typing too much or too little on social media it can actually have a negative effect, such as lack of engagement or little to no shares online. So what is the right amount we hear you say?


The people of Twitter prefer to see between 71 and 100 characters by doing this your post is 17% more likely to be retweeted or engaged with! See you don’t always need those extra characters that you often run so short on!


Facebooks audience has a much shorter attention span with the low 40-50 characters being the prefered amount with 40 or fewer characters having 86% more engagement. Keep those characters low on Facebook folks!


The youngsters over at Instagram like a bit more of a lengthy post surprisingly, with 125 characters being the optimum amount.  This is for a smart reason though and that’s so you can see the whole caption under an image with all of your many hashtags hidden.


The professionals over at Linkedin will have a see more attached if they go over 140 characters! So keep it below that and everyone will be able to see your full message immediately.


One of our favourites, of course, it’s YouTube. This one is in two parts, firstly we have your all-important title and if you don’t want it getting cut off you need to keep it under 70 characters. You can go big in your description though, so if you do type too much this is your opportunity to shine with a massive limit of 5,000 characters!

Do you type too much? By following this handy guide, your copy, engagement and shares should, without a doubt, increase with the simplest of solutions!