Your brand is everything. It’s so important to everything your organisation does. It should inform most of, if not all of your decision making. It’s how people will perceive you, interact with you and how you will interact with them. It gives a clear, concise way of building trust and reputation amongst your audience.

Branding doesn’t just include logos, slogans and design. It’s so much more: tone of voice, ethics and strategy. Getting your brand right can take you from looking like a disjointed organisation to becoming one that is competent and trusted. Ultimately presented as a well thought out organisation, business or charity.

What informs what your brand should be?

To begin building a great brand we need to think about who that brand is for. Think about who your ideal audience is, what you offer and your USP (unique selling point).

Are you trying to look professional, friendly, fun or something else? Of course, this is dependant on that ideal target audience and what you offer. It’s important to think about how you want those groups to react to your brand.

Where are you going to be primarily sharing your brand? Think about where you’re going to offer your products or services. Is it going to be primarily online or a physical location like a shop front? This will inform certain decisions if your such as if you’re more physically facing it comes down mainly to design, signage, physical marketing materials and even uniform. Social media is different, with you possibly opting for paid online marketing posts, email campaigns, social media presence and more.

What age groups are your ideal audience? Working this out will help you when it comes, to one of voice, design elements, where your brand is best placed and how you interact with your audience. For example, a younger audience may respond better to a brand on Instagram rather than an older audience preferring more physical marketing materials. It will also advise the style of what your brand looks like. With maybe fresher current themes once again appealing to a younger audience rather than older audiences.

So how do you start or continue to build a strong brand?

Once you understand why your brand should look the way it does, how do we implement it with success? It’s important that you or anyone involved with your organisation sticks to it, to make a solid brand we advise creating branding guidelines, or what we like to call a ‘branding bible’. Your ‘branding bible’ will inform everything you do be that physically or online. It will also make sure everybody is on the same page when it comes to tone of voice, font, design, colour and so much more.

Make sure when designing and creating your ‘branding bible’ you include the key elements that are important to your audience. Things like colour, tone of voice, design elements, physical or online marketing elements you may want to introduce.

By having a uniform brand that everyone can get on board with you cant start to build an organisation with professional branding to match.

Where do I go from here?

If you need help developing your brand, putting the pieces together or creating a branding bible. We have a fantastic team of creatives ready to help you create a winning brand, to wow and knock your audiences socks off. To book your free one-hour creative consultation all you have to do is get in touch.