It goes without saying that 2020 was a very different year in a lot of different ways.  A lot of businesses had no choice but to re-focus their efforts online. Let’s take a look back on digital marketing in 2020

How did this affect trends last year? What can we gain from that knowledge? In this post we want to give you some insight, statistics and figures about how moving online, not only in this climate but generally, could help you and your business. We’ll talk about the impact that different online marketing content had. Including email campaigns, social media and eCommerce.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns have always been a more traditional way to connect with your audience. Even though it’s one of the ‘older’ types of digital content it’s actually still growing massively.

A big statistic to look at is the fact that 102.6 trillion emails are sent every year (OptinMonster). This number is still growing. It may make you think negatively about emails as it’s such a saturated market. From the same report, it was stated that actually, the effectiveness of email campaigns is still really high with it having a 4,400% ROI.

Another interesting statistic is that 49% of people would like to receive promotional emails from their favourite brands every week (Statista). This at first glance may seem like a low uptake but remember that’s receiving a promotional email every single week! This is also backed up by the fact that 60% of consumers subscribe to a brands mailing list to receive promotional materials and deals (MarketingSherpa).

With all that taken into account, it’s well worth designing and executing an email campaign. When done right the results speak for themselves and you could see an uptake in business in 2021.

Social media

Let’s face it we all probably used social media more than ever in 2020 (and it’s looking like that will continue way into 2021). Be that to check out what other people are up to, join in with activities that we usually do in person or keep up to date with our favourite brands. The statistics and numbers most definitely reflect that fact!

It’s worth saying straight off the bat that 50% of the world’s population is now on social media (Statista). That’s obviously a huge amount of people that you could potentially be connecting with. It’s also a great way to get your content in front of people with most users spending at least 2 hours and 22 minutes on social media every day (Globalwebindex).

That audience is also growing every year and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. If you’re not already utilising social media for your business you could be missing out, as mentioned that audience is getting larger with an increase of 9% in 2020 (Hootsuite).

Just looking at those few statistics you can see the weight being on social media carries. Not only that but the sheer size of the audience you could potentially reach with some clever social media content. We also see that the trend towards social media isn’t slowing down anytime soon. So we really can’t stress enough if you’re not on it you’ll be left behind.


We think it’s fair to mention eCommerce in this post as it’s probably the most changed digital marketing asset of 2020. It’s quite easy to see why in the current climate it’s surpassed previous records. We think it’s reasonable to say that we’ve now moved to do a lot of our shopping online. Sometimes through choice but more often than not, because there was no alternative.

In 2020 online sales accounted for 27.5% of total retail sales. This is an increase of 5.7% compared to 2019! By all accounts by 2024, it will grow to 32.1% of all retail sales (eMarketer). Putting that in numbers it’s putting an extra £5.3bn into eCommerce in the UK (Edge). That’s obviously a huge and growing market! It’s also a large share of sales you could be making if you’re not already online.

We’ve also seen a huge increase in people buying online. We are sure you’ve experienced doing this yourself. With 87% of all British consumers purchasing something online in 2020 (Statista). That’s a huge number of sales and by moving to sell online you could boost your sales.

If you’ve thought about selling online or moving to sell online the time is definitely now! As you can see from the evidence above it’s a growing and emerging market that looks set to stay.

Time to get online

If you’ve not already considered it or are doing so already. We really hope those few statistics, facts and figures convince you to do so. We’re still very much in a growth stage online and the growth is trending upwards. From updating, inspiring or selling to your audience you can do everything online with relative ease. If you want to find some tips and tricks all around digital marketing online check our other blogs here.


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