It’s a going to be a very different Christmas. Which no surprise as 2020 has a been a very different year for the majority of us! Although we must admit it’s not dampened our Christmas spirit here at Two Cubed HQ. Although it’ll be different. It will still be Christmas after all, and we’re going to enjoy it!

As we do every year we’ve put our Santa hats on and have watched, with great attention, 2020’s Christmas ad offerings. It’s been a strong showing and it feels like there’s been more this year than ever. The Christmas ad has become an event, like the Christmas light switch on in your local town, putting the Christmas tree up and the dreaded rush around for last-minute presents. It’s become a powerful and very entertaining marketing tool for most companies. But who takes the crown (or Christmas hat) this year for the best festive ad?

We’re going to count down our top five favourites this year and a few honourable mentions to top it all off. Check out what put us in the festive spirit below.

5. Very | Christmas is this Very moment

Say no to overdone, over-emotional Christmas ads of the past! Let’s have a bit more a realistic festive ad for a change. Very do a great job in this advert showing the realities of the average Christmas. From buying a ridiculously large tree that just isn’t going to fit, ruining that really thoughtful surprise present and even those terrible Christmas pantomime costumes that no ones really sure about. We hope you chuckle at this one as much as we did!

4. Lidl | Big on a Christmas you can believe in

Could a friendship be ahead in this ad? NO! It’s plain and simple, this is an ad for Lidls festive food range and they don’t try to hide it. For that, we feel they deserve a mention. After all, honesty is the best policy. It still, of course, has all the Christmas feelings about it but just done in a straight forward way. Admittedly it follows a similar theme to the Very advert being straight forward and no-nonsense. It even has its own ironic song throughout which we love. But I think what got it on our list was the cheeky jibe at one of their competitors and a famous vegetable character in their ad. See if you can spot it and enjoy!

3. Amazon | The show must go on

Our first really sentimental entry to the list but it’s tastefully done and acknowledges the current climate well. Amazon’s The show must go on articulates a sweet story with a lovely ending. All about the need for community and how Christmas brings the best out of people. It’s beautifully shot, the dancing is amazing and it really gives us that warm fuzzy feeling especially in such unusual times. Amazons description of the advert is spot on “This is the story of a young dancer whose spirit and tenacity triumphs through the challenges of 2020. All with a little help from her family and community.”. Ultimately hasn’t that been what 2020 has been all about? Take a look for yourself!

2. John Lewis & Partners | Give a little love

John Lewis & Partners do it again with this fantastically festive advert! This one gives you all the feels and takes you through a rollercoaster of kindness. In short one act of kindness can lead to another and so on. This is a beautiful looking advert with different types of animations and different types of festive characters that really kept us engaged. It has some good humour to it and gives you that Christmas spirit from the off. Purely because of the artistry of it and the damn catchy song this sits comfortably in our second spot! You’ve probably already seen it but if you haven’t get ready to get festive below!

1. Tesco | No Naughty List

This year is most definitely the year we can be let off of some our naughty moments. After all, we all deserve a break after 2020. This ad is comedy genius on Tescos part and the fact it’s so different to the other Christmas ads out there. Just imagine for a change Santa not having a naughty list no matter what transgression you’ve made this year. Some of the admissions on this ad had us cracking up and some are definitely relatable too. For being so subtle, so funny and yet so Christmassy this ad definitely takes number 1 on our list and it could be an unpopular opinion. But we don’t care! Ir’s different and it stands out! Should you be let off the naughty list this year, take a look below!


Honourable Mentions

Here are a few honourable mentions that you should head to YouTube to check out!

TK Maxx | The Lil’ Goat. It’s a short, sweet and all-round quite amusing festive ad! If you like goats in clothes and who doesn’t go check it out!

Asda | That’s an Asda Price Christmas. This one was so close to being on our list but just narrowly missed out. Once again another ad that is packed full of humour and a grumpy old lady to boot!

Dreamies | ‘Fake Shake’. Another short ad but full of humour. Gangs of cats sound terrifying? Oh, it is, don’t believe us go and watch it now!

Aldi | Kevin the Carrot. Do we really need to say more? An epic vegetable adventure for the whole family to enjoy. Full of humour, Christmas characters and a beautiful story of being together for Christmas!

Merry Christmas

That ends our list, if you agree, disagree or think we’ve missed any more fantastic festive ads please let us know! Merry Christmas!!

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