It’s sometimes hard to know what digital tools to use and how they complement your marketing strategy. They’re difficult to find and do you really know if they are free free? We’re going to take you through some of the best tools you can use to really up your marketing prowess. From scheduling all of your social media posts in one place to finding out what’s on everyone’s mind. Plus a tool to track your personal and business goals with ease. Here’s our list of free marketing tools to boost your marketing.

Organise your social media quickly

Let’s start with social media and how to better manage your social media accounts for free. Buffer is a great free tool that allows you to have a set amount of social media accounts for free. It’s worth noting that it limits you to ten posts per platform. But, it’s a great way to schedule all of your posts in advance allowing you to use your time more efficiently. Buffer enables you to gain a great overview of what content you’re putting out there. You can find more information about Buffer here. 

What’s on the public’s mind?

Want to know what’s relevant to your audience, what questions are being asked and what’s on the public’s mind? Nope, you don’t have to be a mindreader. Answer The Public is a great tool to search for keywords that are relevant to the audience you’re trying to engage with. Type in what you think they might be interested in and see the results immediately. Giving you a clear idea of the keywords you should be using, it offers a limited amount of searches a day but gives you great insight. Find more information here.

Track personal and business goals

Sometimes it’s hard to track or even know what our goals are especially when it comes to marketing. We’re sure everyone would love a reminder from time to time to better organise your strategy. Strides is a free app that allows you to set personal and business goals. Customised to what you want Strides makes it easier to track your KPI’s and to see if you’ve been hitting those targets. Best of all it sends you push notifications to encourage you to market the best you can!

These are just a handful of free marketing tools out there to help you up your marketing online but there are so many more. Sometimes these free tools won’t do the trick and when that happens we’re here for you. If you need a helping and with your marketing, you can get in touch today.

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