Whilst writing this we are in strange and new times with a global pandemic, COVID-19, raging. As a charity, you may have had to adapt the way you work. You’ve probably changed the way you engage, update and inform your services users too. Most charities, even before the current circumstances, were making the most out of the online world. Be that using video, social media or sending out newsletters via email. But, sometimes you need to interact with your audience in a more personal way to engage with those who need you the most. We’ve pulled together three tips to help your charity online, a few simple changes to help your charity online. 

Online groups 

If support groups are an important part of your charity remit, using online groups is a great way to bring that personal touch back. Create that intimate feeling of that safe group space. We recommend using Facebook groups, setting them up from your charities Facebook account, to create a space with familiar faces. From here you can share more detailed and specific information to your service users. Why not encourage more conversation between them? You can even put fail-safes in place, group rules, membership questions, giving lead volunteers or staff admin rights to make sure the group is moderated and that the right people are joining your group.

Virtual Meetings

Groups are great for engaging, updating, informing and sharing relevant content. But face-to-face interaction can be a lot better for many people. Using virtual meetings is once again a great way to keep that intimate feel of ‘real-life’ relationships in an official capacity. Using free tools such a Zoom or Skype you can create large groups to be able to present news, discuss issues and create a great space for a more personal chat. Much like groups, you can choose who to invite into these meetings. You can host them at a minutes notice or organising a regular day a week to meet up. These virtual meetings enable you to ensure that you’re staying in contact with those who need you the most. 

Use whatever spare time you have to engage

The temptation to just post on your social media feeds can be strong. But, don’t forget to interact with those around you on social media. Be that other charities, existing or potential service users or those that may need your help or advice. Everyone is on social media and at the moment, use this as an opportunity to boost your profile and create long-lasting relationships. Relationships that will continue long after the current climate. 

By using these three tips to help your charity online you’ll build a loyal and appreciative audience whilst keeping your charities goals and principles alive. You’ll also be supporting and helping those who need you the most. You’ll be boosting your profile as a trusted charity and the services that you provide. 

If you need any help or have any questions on how you can better improve your online presence, we would be more than happy to have a chat, answer those questions and guide you in the right direction. 

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