So, you want to know how to boost your marketing from home? Times are strange right now and a lot of us have to change the way we do things, be that for ourselves or our businesses. It could be changing an old marketing strategy so you can continue from home and benefit from new online customers, having the free time to do some marketing that you didn’t have opportunity to start before or even trying to market a brand new company in this strange time.

No matter what the reason is, sometimes it’s tricky to know where to begin that journey, and once we start we’re not always sure what the right way is.

Marketing from Home

Throughout the process of marketing online, it’s important to think about a key marketing KPI: See, Think, Do and Care (STDC). This will ultimately inform your customer or clients journey. So, using the STDC framework let’s go through just a few things you could do each step of the way and get a clearer understanding of what each element means.


It’s important that no matter what service or product you offer your audience or customer base, that they first see something that inspires them on their journey to find what you’re offering.

For example, if you’re running an e-commerce site selling physical items, let’s say trainers or even a site offering a service let’s say cleaning old trainers. You need to first give your potential buyer a moment of inspiration and they say to themselves ‘Hey! I’d love to buy some trainers’ or ‘I need my trainers cleaned’.

How do you give that moment of inspiration to them? Social media is key to this part of the journey, social media is the ideal place to upload videos and photos of your service or product that can, in turn, kick-start their journey. They may see a picture of your brand new stock on Instagram which gets them thinking about buying some new trainers or they may see a video of you cleaning some old trainers to look like new on Facebook that might inspire them to think about getting their own pair cleaned. You can even double down on the ‘see’ phase by directly putting your product or service in front of a carefully curated audience using paid ads on social media platforms.


We all like to do some research before we buy a product or use a service. So how do we back the inspiration our audience has found with some solid information to help them on their path to buying or using a service.

This is where a solid website with good content comes into play, a blog post about your new trainers that you’ve got in stock or the benefits of cleaning old trainers instead of buying new ones is a great start to help them in this part of their journey. This coupled with good social media posts pointing people in the direction of the blog or alternatively good SEO so your potential buyer or client can find your site online. This, in turn, will inform their buying decision. You can boost your marketing from home by spending some time working on improving your website SEO or curating some new social media image assets.


This is what we’ve been working towards, seeing our potential customer taking action, be that using your service or buying your product.

It’s good practice to easily allow your audience to take action on social media, search engines and your website. On social media; Do you have links to your online store? Is your SEO strong enough that if someone types in ‘buy new trainers’ your website pops up? Is your website easy to navigate and buy products from? If yes, good. If you don’t think it’s up to scratch, now is the time to think about how you can improve on this to make sure you get the correct action from your audience. Ultimately we all want to see our customers engaging with our business.


Lastly, but by no means least, we need to encourage our audience to care about the product they’ve just bought or the service they’ve used. Be that by leaving positive comments on your social media posts, leaving good reviews about your business online or by encouraging others to use your service or buy products that you’re selling.

But how do you encourage people to do this? Maybe when you send your email confirmation you ask them to leave a friendly review. Another great way to achieve this is by sending a newsletter directly to customers that have used your service or bought your product previously, within this you can politely remind them to leave positive reviews and comments online.

In-turn people will trust you and respect your brand a whole lot more hopefully pushing a lot more people to repeat this process all over again.

By carefully thinking about STDC and the journey your audience takes to reach you, you can improve your marketing massively by making small changes to encourage each of these steps within the journey.

We’re a creative production company and digital marketing agency specialising in online video and top-notch marketing. We’d love to hear from you about how you integrated the STDC KPI into your marketing strategy.

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