Fed up of creating incredible content for social media only to find out that they’re the wrong size? Fix your social media image sizes! You don’t have to waste time resizing or re-creating images if you have the right dimensions in the first place! We can help.

So you could eyeball it, guess the size and go with a one size fits all approach, this will somewhat work but could also backfire massively. For example, an image designed for Twitter probably won’t work as well on Instagram.

Different sizes vary on different devices so we’ll be taking into account the dimensions that best covers all platforms and devices.

Let’s take a look at the different sizes as follows:

Twitter Logo

Twitter – 1100px by 628px


This is a general size to use when posting content to your Twitter feed, this ensures that your image nests nicely into your feed and audiences won’t have to click to maximize your image.

Facebook Logo

Facebook – 1080px by 1080px


Facebook is quite simple 1080 x 1080 is a safe size and should work on all devices. It’s worth doing a little more research into this as we’re only covering photos you’ll see in feed, no profile pictures or cover photos that in fact have different dimensions.

Instagram Logo

Instagram – 1080px by 1350px


This is the recommended size from Instagram and once again makes sure your image sits flush in your Instagram feed. You could also upload and share 1080px x 1080px snaps and create the same effect.

YouTube logo

YouTube – 1280px by 1350px


This is a bit of a bonus image size for you, but this ratio will be perfect for YouTube thumbnails. On a side note if you don’t already create your own thumbnails we strongly recommend it.

If you stick to this guide you shouldn’t have to worry about your social media image sizes. Never will you have to see your great content rubbished by the wrong sizing, it’s a small change that makes a big difference! This is a great resource that you can use to ensure that you’re always getting it right.

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