It better be quick!

We’re talking about video calm down, but it’s still very very true in this case. With so much video content in such a busy world, it can seem like you’re under siege with digital content. It’s important that we do everything we possibly can to keep our audience engaged and more importantly that we get our message across. We can’t do that if someone switches off our video before we’ve had the opportunity to do so!

Size matters.

But actually the other way round this time, the smaller the better… (Still talking about video guys) or rather the shorter the better. Who do we have to thank for this, of course, it’s Millennials, bloody Millennials! We’re just kidding. But, they are the fastest-growing market for online video, move over TV you’re old news! On the same token, they also have the fastest shrinking attention span, well at least when it comes to video content on social media.

It’s totally unfair to just blame Millennials though, so let’s pass the torch to someone else…what have we got, oh yes social media and everything that comes with it! Let’s pick on a specific few; we have the original queen of short-form video and quick content, the wonderful but often looked over Snapchat. It had its moment of glory and in doing so sparked something so much bigger – the want and need for short digestible video content! As Snapchats glory began to fade others stepped into its place.

It’s all about quick, short-form

Instagram had a successful crack at short-form video with its Stories function that was soon followed by Facebook also adding a stories function (maybe not as successfully, who figured…). That’s not to say that Facebook hasn’t had its success with video. That incredibly addictive endless scroll found its way over to videos, now you can watch cat video, after cat video, after cat video, after cat… you get the point. This created a need for content to be engaging to quickly attract attention.

The same rings true for Twitter, as you’re scrolling through the feed how do you know what video to stop at? The 20-minute one or the one that’ll take you 30 seconds? It’s gonna be the 30-second one unless you’re really interested in that particular subject or person.

The algorithms on social media are overwhelmingly in favour of short-form video, they can’t get enough of it and actively encourage you to use it, but why? It is without a doubt the most engaging content out there and it’ll get you noticed! I don’t care about that picture of an otter if there’s a video with an otter instead. Believe us when we say social media platforms will always put video in the limelight. It’s mutually beneficial for them and the audience. The audience gets to enjoy hundreds of videos in one place and the platform keeps you stuck to your phone for as long as possible. Plus they can put an ad at the beginning of a video, the same can’t be said for photos!

How long is too long?

Funny enough we’ve taken up enough of your time on a non-video platform! We’ll crack on and tell you what the ideal length is for a few of the social media platforms we’ve spoken about. Instagram is a whopping 30-seconds, Twitter is just up from that with 45-seconds, Facebook grabs audiences attention for a whole 60-seconds and YouTube comes in big with a massive 120-seconds! If you follow this as a rough guide you’re going to get more favourable results for your video content.

Anyway, quick you have a lot of videos to go watch!

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