Who doesn’t love a good wind up, but on a national level?! Even better, Paddy Power has changed the game with this campaign!

We all know that football is the nations most loved sport, from watching to playing we just can’t get enough. The one criticism most football fans have? Money and how it’s destroyed the game. From agents fees, to transfer fees, to wages and even sponsorship deals to rename stadiums, it’s all just a bit much.

Paddy Power has capitalised on this in such a clever manner, most people didn’t even notice it happen. Paddy Power is the architect of incredible campaigns such as giving money to LGBTQ communities every time Russia scored a goal in the world cup. Top trolling we’d say.

Top trolling

Well, they did it again, this time trolling our own footballing communities. This year they announced that they’d be Huddersfield Town FC’s new sponsor (excellent the fans thought). Wrong! Their logo was splashed all over the brand new kit, in fact, they’d managed to fit Paddypower over 100 times. The outrage commenced, the Huddersfield fans were not happy, luckily for them, it was all a very clever… marketing but non-marketing strategy.

In the build-up to this Paddy Power released video after video, nothing too expensive, nothing too outrageous just a good dose of comedy. Just little hints adding intrigue to what the Save Our Shirt campaign was all about. In short, it’s all about getting rid of sponsorship from the game. This is close to Adam’s heart as his team Southend United FC have partnered up with Paddy Power too and now have a fresh kit with no corporate branding. Could we see more silent sponsorship deals in the future or is this just a very clever one-off?

Check out the full campaign and see one of the many videos below.

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