Snapchat has had its struggles, stock prices plummeting and users leaving the platform left it behind other social media platforms – including the newcomer TikTok. But Snapchat isn’t done, far from it.

In a creative combo of making ‘real’ friends and a takedown of what Facebook has become, it’s created a brilliant advertising campaign. You could have probably guessed but it’s simply called Real Friends. The emphasis is on exactly that, friends, something that in such a connected world is what a lot of people feel they’re lacking. Snapchat has capitalised on that with a series of videos posted on YouTube and a whole new branded campaign to boot.

Each video tells a story of a connection between two friends over Snapchat. From husband and wife to just best friends. It’s something we always go on about, but video shows that human connection perfectly and Snapchat have nailed it this time. It’s real and covers near enough every country and every demographic.

We still think that Snapchat has a chance of resurrection

The campaign also takes a cheeky swipe at its competitor, which is part of the fun and actually, it feels very honest. It just goes to show if you provide your audience with a clear, honest and human message your campaign, no matter what it is, is always going to be successful. After all, aren’t we all looking for friendship? Video and social media have made that a possibility, Snapchat displays that perfectly and we love it!

Does this mean we’re going to see more investment, more influencers and more users back on Snapchat? We certainly think so although it is now competing, as mentioned, with the likes of TikTok, Facebook and Instagram stories. But all the same we still think that Snapchat has a chance of resurrection, the market for video is so huge and consumption for it just keeps growing.

If you want to see how to create a successful, sleek video campaign this is most definitely the way to do it. Combined with traditional media it’s a knockout.

You can check out one of the videos below but make sure you go take a look at their YouTube page to see the full scope of the campaign.

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