Simple, effective and nonjudgemental – isn’t that what every video should be? Let’s cut out the complicated bits and rely on the way humans connect with each other, be that through laughter, tears, joy or just being able to look another person in the eyes. Video magnifies all of these things. The emotion and effectiveness of a story just seems so much more real than just seeing a photograph or writing a story. That’s what makes this advert so very special, it’s about a place but more importantly, people.

Visit Sweden has created this ad to get people to visit Stockholm. Never thought about heading to Stockholm? That’s the point. It’s an open book, it has no judgments attached to it so why not come and make your own mind up. Ultimately Stockholm is open to you if you’re open to it. You can see the video below and how effective it really is! So without further ado here’s an open invitation to lovers, hates and hesitates.

Ultimately this such a great video because of its human element it’s not got any overly fancy shots, it doesn’t try to use crazy graphics, it just relies on our human connection to one another. It’s short and it’s sweet. As a budding videographer or someone looking to create a video for their business, we think there’s a lot of lessons to learn from this simple, clean and crisp video.

See you later, we’re off to Stockholm!

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