Nike has been churning out some incredible adverts as of late, featuring some of the worlds best sports personalities. From Serena Williams to Colin Kaepernick. They know how to cause a stir and push their #justdoit tagline. The latest crazy ad to their portfolio features the King of Clay, Rafael Nadal.

After winning a historic 12th French Open title by defeating Austrian Dominic Thiem, it seemed apt to share his story. Crazy dreams take crazy effort.

The advert is so cleverly put together and tells an incredibly powerful story. In order to achieve excellence, you’ve got to put the effort, determination and power in. The ad begins with a clip from 16-year-old Nadal’s win against Carlos Moya from 2003. This was the match that showed the world that Nadal was here to make an impact on the world of tennis.

Dropping his racket doesn’t even stop him winning.

The video continues to cut between Nadal’s numerous successes on the court and his numerous competitors all fighting to keep up. A drop shot here, a forehand there, the video shows how Nadal breaks a sweat to earn each of his points in different matches. Showing his pure determination to become the best the game has ever seen. With umpire, ball boys and audience members turning their heads from left to right in a bid to keep up with the pure talent that is on show, the video is cut together in such an inspiring and engaging way.

Closing on the same shot as the ad opened, it’s so clever. The ad does an incredible job of creating drama and completing the story. With snazzy commentary that is taken from multiple games, incredible shots and skill, the emotion of Nadal throughout his journey and cleverly leaving the video with the commentator questionings, “Is he going to play every point like that?”.

Have you thought about how you could make your next video tell a crazy story?

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