YouTube is the home of a huge variety of different videos about every topic imaginable. But one category, in particular, is growing. Video directed at workforces are growing in quality and popularity, I mean it’s quick, it’s easy, it’s affordable and in one fell swoop, you can engage effectively with your workforce. From a new product launch to a new system, e-learning or the example we’re looking at today: health and safety.

Produced for the Workplace Safety and Health Council of Singapore to increase care in the workplace environment. We really liked this video because of its simplicity and how clear the message was. There’s not much talking going on instead just one-word sentences, such as ‘Bro’ ‘Eh’ or ‘Ah’ all in aid of encouraging their workforce to be as safe as possible and look out for one another. We think this video gets that message across perfectly. It’s nothing special, it’s just workers in their workplace going about their business with a colleague saving the day when something goes wrong.

I mean how hard could this possibly be for your business? We see very little downsides in producing content like this, it’s quick, it’s easy and without a doubt it the best way to get the attention of your workforce. It’s fun and playful yet serious at the same time. With most of our employees now online, connected to email chains or social media platforms it’s a great way to share your message quickly and to such a wide audience. But importantly it builds on the image of your brand, showing you care about your employees and find their education important to you.

Why not produce a workplace video now? We know that your employees would appreciate it massively and the impact it can have is huge!

To find out how you can produce similar content get in contact and we can start getting creative!


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