The attention span of the average person online is incredibly short and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be increasing anytime soon. With so much variety it’s no surprise that people don’t hang around. If a video is too long, people won’t stick around to consume that content. Alternatively, if they choose to watch a ten-minute video certain studies show that watch time is actually not quite as good. Most people won’t get to the end unless the content itself is incredibly interesting.

Don’t just leave it to the big guys.

To make a long-form video that is well produced and interesting can be incredibly time consuming. Plus the production process is quite difficult too. The best way to combat both shortening attention spans and the desire for awesome and engaging content would be to shorten the video down. Creating a short-form video has the advantage of being quick and easy to produce. 

The evidence is out there, shorter videos are more likely to hold your audience’s attention. Look at the rise of short-form video apps, we once had vine (RIP), we now have the likes of Snapchat, Instagram stories, TikTok and directly embedded video on social media. It’s no surprise that these apps are so popular. With the likes of Coca Cola and Nike choosing to advertise via short-form video it really is the way to connect to your audience. It just goes to show how in demand shorter videos are.

Don’t just leave it to the big guys to do it. It’s well worth creating your own short-form video, be that just you and your phone updating your clients or customers. It could even be something silly going on around you. Video has the ability to engage, update, inspire and entertain your audience – which is what you want after all.

You could’ve watched several short-form videos in the time you’ve read this so well done for getting to the bottom…! Get in touch with us to see how we can bring your short-form video to life.

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