It can sometimes be a challenge to get the most out of your video content, so here are a few simple tips that are guaranteed to improve the effectiveness of your video online.

Make sure you share it on multiple platforms, it’s so tempting to just upload it to YouTube and leave it there. There’s nothing wrong with uploading to YouTube but it doesn’t sit as well on your social media feeds. You can easily rectify this by creating two versions of the same video one in 16:9 and the other in a 1:1 (square) resolution. Creating a 1:1 video is perfect for Twitter, Facebook and mobile viewing. If you want to upload your 16:9 version go for it but make sure it goes on dedicated video streaming platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo. For your 1:1 video make sure you upload directly to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – it’ll look nicer and actually garner a better response.

Share and share again!

You’ve uploaded your video to the corresponding platforms, now what? Don’t just be content with uploading and sharing it once. Make sure you retweet the video again and again across your social media platforms to avoid disappointment. Ultimately if it just sits dormant on your YouTube channel is anyone going to find it?

Back it up with good copy! People may need some context for your video, it’s no good just leaving it without a description. Intrigue your audience by creating compelling copy that will drive them to watching your video. Alternatively, once they’ve watched your video give them a call to action, a link or somewhere to buy your product. It’s about creating synergy amongst all your content and on every platform that you use.

With a few minor changes, you’ll be surprised at how much better your videos perform. We can help enhance your videos performance, get in touch to find out how.

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