Christmas is nearly upon us, but the Christmas adverts and videos have already arrived. We always enjoy watching these from a filmmaking perspective but we also love the festive feeling some of them give us. So here are a few of highlights from this year (so far)!

3 The Big Night Sainsburys

This one definitely has the feel-good factor and encapsulates an average Christmas quite well we think (apart from the ridiculous production value of that play!). It’s got a great mix of selling and Christmas joy. All beginning with a proud mum sitting down to watch her daughter in the Christmas play. With a fantastic song playing the background it’s got the set up to be something inspiring. As the girl begins to sing she’s clearly nervous but her mum soon gives her an encouraging look. The advert all of sudden goes into the full festive swing with singing, pyrotechnics, ridiculous human Christmas decorations and our favourite moment: the little boy dressed as a plug running and jumping into the socket. This is sure to be one of the nation’s favourites this year!

2 Love Is a Gift (short film)

Released originally in 2014 it’s not exactly new or made for 2018, but it has picked up online popularity this year. It’s a bit different in the fact it’s not actually an advert nor is it trying to sell anything to you. Just a celebration of Christmas with a poignant message of having those we love around us during the festive period. Made by independent filmmaker Phill Beastall it’s great and this one really goes for the sentimental value of Christmas. It’s gone viral this year and has had massive success online. Get ready with the box of tissues. It all centres around one man’s run up to Christmas Day, when the day finally arrives we see him listen to some tapes. Needless to say, this one gets really emotional really quickly, we’ll let you watch the rest.

1 Say hello to Rang-Tan Iceland

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about this one, this is Iceland’s infamous banned TV advert. Why? It’s said to be too political which has caused some interesting debate. The video has another poignant message based all around palm oil and the destruction that is caused to produce it. It’s got animals, it’s got a strong message, it’s Christmassy and has the extra intrigue of being banned. Put all of this together and you’ve got a viral storm. One bedroom, one orangutang and a little girl. We’re posed with the question why is Rang-Tan in this little girls room and we soon find out why. It’s well worth a watch and is an incredibly worthy cause.

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