We’ve recently partnered up with the Limbless Association to help improve on their existing content and massive following across social media. The Limbless Association celebrated 35 years of working in the third sector helping and aiding amputees to live the best life possible. With a lot of incredible and inspiring stories to tell we can’t wait to share them with you.

The Celebration itself was an absolutely fabulous event, with live music from Bader’s Big Band. There were fantastic and inspiring guest speakers, afternoon tea and even a fireworks display. The afternoon had something for everyone. We’re hoping to produce a lot of content from this fantastic event, I mean how couldn’t we.

Capturing your events is such a great way to show off what you do. It’s fantastic to see people having fun and it also stop anyone missing out on the good stuff. It’s great for content, it keeps giving and giving. You can post interviews online from the day, you can show a montage of a fantastic event. From posting photos online to capturing video for later it’s a no-brainer and simple to do!

If you want any more information about what video can do for you, you can check out all of our services and plans.

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