According to Google, around 70% of business-to-business customers watch videos on their route to purchase, that’s a huge number of prospective clients that are crying out to see a video produced by you.

Business-to-business buyers are slowly becoming more in line with consumers when it comes to watching videos. The Content Marketing Institute reported that in 2015 76% of companies said they used some form of B2B business – was that you?

If there is a video to tell you that story you’re more likely to choose that option. We’re surrounded by video, it’s everywhere but are you using it to its full potential?

Business-focused social media site LinkedIn made the decision back in 2017 to allow video uploads to its news feed because they knew that B2B customers want to see video.

The reality is, video is a great way to help a client choose a product or service. Clients can share the videos with their bosses to gain approval. They can see the product or service in action, it’s real life benefits and so much more. It’s something you should definitely be considering, if not implementing.

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