If you work in the third sector we understand that the word budget can make you feel very uncomfortable. From finding a securing budget, to ensuring you cover all your costs – it’s no walk in the park.

From marketing to admin, employees and even publications – it all costs money but is all vitally important when it comes to making your organisation the best it can be. Standing out can sometimes be time-consuming, expensive and difficult. But what a lot of people don’t realise is that with the power of video we can make your jobs that little bit easier.

Promote the services you’re most proud of and showcase them with a stand out video.

Produce a video to help tell the story of your charity, your roots and the work that you do. Use video to help secure funding for future projects by evidencing the hard work and huge impact you’re having on people’s lives. Promote the services you’re most proud of and showcase them with a stand out video. Capture an event to grow your audience. Expand your reach with engaging and exciting content that captures peoples attention and inspires them to donate. The power of video is truly infinite.

We’re here to make producing that video a little easier. Our Creative and Operations Director Tom has worked with and in the third sector for over 8 years and understands the constraints that every charity faces. But you shouldn’t have to break the bank to promote yourself or show off what you do. Above all, we don’t want you to take time away from the important elements of working for a charity. Here at Two Cubed Creative, we are passionate about enabling you to get creative. Working with us to produce the ultimate online content for your organisation.

If you’re thinking about using video, or wonder how it could help you get in touch with our team of creative experts.

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