Content creation is becoming more and more prevalent within a business. It’s now seen as a vital part of marketing. We now have to think about sharing that content online. We understand this isn’t an easy task to take alone. It can be time-consuming, it’s not always a priority and done the wrong way it can be very expensive.

When done right, it can be affordable, easy and dependable.

The temptation to hire an in-house creative can be strong however this can be expensive and it could lead to stale content.

Alternatively, you could hire a free-lancer every time you need a video. It’s a bit like hitting an expensive red button every time you need content. Doing it that way makes it harder to budget and can work out a lot more expensive.

You could try to go it alone. But as business owners ourselves we understand this is sometimes easier said than done, it can save you money but can result in an incredibly unreliable production.

We’ve created a solution for you!

It’s important to know what you’re spending throughout the year so you know exactly what to budget. Our creative plans aim to elevate the aforementioned problems.

The premise is simple you pick a plan and we produce the content. No surprise costs, you just get exactly what you’ve paid for exactly when you want it.

From social media specific plans offering six social media videos. To a full content plan offering longer-form videos, social media stills and even video testimonials.

We even got a plan that gives you complete creative customisability offering you a set amount of hours over an agreed length of time, so we’re always ready when you are.

If this sounds interesting to you and your business you can find more information on our creative plans page.

It’s time for you to get creative with your content!

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