The days of DVDs are numbered. The UK’s favourite retailer John Lewis and Partners have recently said that it will stop stocking DVD players when the current stocks are diminished.

With sales being down 40% its no wonder the retailer is making this move.

Online video streaming sites seem to have crushed DVD sales like a wrecking ball to a garden shed. Netflix, amazon prime and even YouTube have taken over the video sphere. Its now easier to watch a video, movie, or tv show on demand online.

Blu-ray players will stay on the shelves, however, so physical copies of movies and tv shows may well still exist but with it being so easy to find your favourite movie online, in a streamable format we can see that the trusted DVD may be on its way out.

What are your thoughts on John Lewis and Partners announcing the potential fate of DVDs future? Let us know and join the conversation in the comments below or on YouTube.

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