It goes without saying that most businesses, charities, organisations and individuals now use social media. You may have of wanted nothing to do with it but in this day and age, it’s a must-have. You want to use it successfully but aren’t sure where to start. We understand the pressure of having up to date and regular content. It’s not an easy balancing act. Especially when it may not be your main priority. These few things will make it a lot easier for you. You’ll be a social media pro in no time at all!

Create a content plan or schedule

This bit may take a while to get right but it’ll save you time in the long run. Firstly think about what you’ll be sharing. Will you have regular features such as a blog or a weekly update video? If so put these on your plan and keep it on a regular day. This will help when planning your social media campaigns.

If you have an event coming up and you know you’ll be capturing a lot of good content. Put it down to remind yourself to post to your social media platforms. It also helps everyone understand what’s been posted when and what needs to be posted without any complications or overlap. It helps keep you mindful of what you’re posting. So you can focus a little more on what you’ve done in advance. You can also do this retrospectively and look at what posts worked and what posts didn’t.

Use a social media management tool

A social media management tool gives you the ability to schedule posts ahead of the desired date. It also links all of your social media accounts together. This way you can control what’s being posted when and where. You can see what it looks like before it’s published and it gives you the ability to choose which social media platform it’s going to be posted on. For this example, we’re going to talk about Hootsuite which is completely free to use. It has got paid functions but we get by without using them.

It’s incredibly useful for us, allowing us to compose posts for separate platforms. It will also alert you if there are any problems with your post before it’s scheduled. You can schedule posts for later dates, you can see all of your social media feeds in one place. Your likes, your comments, your page and so much more. Streamlining your social media management allows you to become more mindful of your content.

Create content or graphics in advance

Making sure your social media feeds are on-brand is so important. If it’s messy or not uniform people will soon lose interest. Either because it’s not grabbed their attention in the first place or it’s so unorganised people get confused. After all, there has to be a point to all of this effort, it’s to sell you! Create a few custom images that can be attached to certain posts. Create videos that’ll go hand in hand with your planned content, have blogs planned in advance. You’ll find by doing this the impact your social media has will be so much greater than if you just posted without thinking first.

Just always remember to be mindful of what you’re posting. Think about if its right for your brand, if it’s interesting to other people and does it fit in with the rest of my branding? If you follow your plan and create some awesome custom content you’ll see improvements in no time at all! If you have any questions about social media you can always contact us via our website, Twitter or one of our other social media feeds.

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