Our business is producing videos, we know. So when it comes to us saying things like video is better than traditional text-based content or video can make your emails more effective, you probably err on the side of caution which is understandable. In this day and age, someone is always trying to sell something.

We mean what we say though (we’re not the only ones) and we truly believe that video is the future of marketing, especially online marketing. Video isn’t a new thing within marketing. The nuances and way it’s done has changed a hell of a lot in the last ten years. Let this be a cautionary tale about how not using video will get you left in the wake of other more prepared competitors.

Someone is always trying to sell something.

We could overload you with stats about how powerful and commonplace video is in our lives now. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to give you the bare facts about why you should be using video. If you want stats and figures we have blog after blog full of them. You can even Google and find an infinite amount of studies. How it outperforms other content and importantly how it can massively benefit your marketing strategy.

Simply put, we all love watching a video, maybe once a day or even maybe a few times a week. If you use social media you definitely do, it’s impossible to avoid! Why do we end up watching video after video on Facebook? We can take in 100 times the amount of information from a few videos rather than three articles that may take you an hour to read. It’s much more stimulating too. It’s colourful, it’s emotive and we can actually see and feel the emotion, not just ours but those in the video too.

Engage, Update, Inspire

What has any of this got to do with how video can help your business? It engages, inspires, updates, convinces and sells to your audience again and again. Video is like an infinite sales pitch that can be shared everywhere to everyone. If you watch videos as much as most people you’ve already engaged. So why would people not do the same with your videos?

Best of all it’s all organic; Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are designed for video. Social media algorithms make sure that video is more present than anything else. Why? Because of everything we’ve said it’s the most engaging and effective medium when it comes to selling on social media.

We genuinely think it’s a no-brainer. Even if you start with small steps just shooting some interesting content on your mobile phone it’s better than no video. So why not give it a go we guarantee you’ll be surprised with the results and we hope it convinces you to use video further in your marketing.

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