Video has been proven to be an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing and getting a strong message across. It helps to increase sales and brand awareness. We feel that sometimes sales take priority over everything else, but sales aren’t everything. You’ll find your audience will switch off if you try to sell way too often. Video gives you the ability to do more than one thing simultaneously, so why not do that?


If you inspire your audience you’ve gained their trust and you’ve given them a reason to keep watching. Inspiring your audience gives you a better opportunity to offer a call to action that will be clicked. Sometimes it’s not even about giving them a call to action, it’s actually about building your brand.

Make your brand inspirational and aspirational. A great current example of that is Nike’s latest ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick that we spoke about in CUBED! It’s not asking you to buy anything instead it’s building you up, but that inspiration is then entangled with Nike’s branding. You’ll find if your video inspires people it will be far more powerful than if you were just trying to sell!


Of course, you’ll be wanting to provide some sort of information that’s the whole point of having a video in the first place! Informing your existing audience is so important, don’t go quiet on them if you’ve already inspired them. It’s important to keep your audience informed and updated about current projects or services. Especially if you’ve already established your brand, product or service – you’ll want to keep people hooked.

A great example of this would be Apple. A lot of what they do is inform their loyal audience. Of course, you have to look past the flashy advertising and videos but the message is nearly always the same. ‘Hey look at our new iPhone’. This works for them because they’ve already put in the work to inspire their audience. Apple are incredibly successful at combining both informing and inspiring content.


So you’ve inspired and informed your audience, now what? It’s time to engage!! The audience has already engaged with your video now it’s time for you to engage with them. It’s so important to stay in contact with your audience and make them feel valued as viewers. If your video is successful you’ll have plenty of shares, reactions and comments. It’s easy to think that once the video is out there that your job is done. To be truly successful you need to engage with that audience; talk about the video, your brand or their experience. You’ll find if you put the effort in they’ll keep coming back for more.

If you’re ready to inspire, inform or engage get in touch and kick-start your online creativity with us today!

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