LinkedIn is a very different social media platform to what your average joe uses in everyday life. In short, it’s a professional networking site. It’s not somewhere you go to watch cat videos (sometimes) but more to enhance and show off your professional persona, be it you personally or your company. You’re more like to see seminars, product videos and how-to guides, so make sure you’ve got the right content to go in the right place! 

You can send direct messages, upload photos and you can now even record voice messages. When you think about it, it’s unusual that you can’t upload video directly. With 500 million people watching videos on Facebook every day and 82% of Twitter users watching video content on Twitter. We think it’s missing a trick. Never fear you can still share a video on LinkedIn, just via YouTube or Vimeo.

It’s not somewhere you go to watch cat videos.

Our solution, of course, would be to keep uploading your videos to YouTube and sharing them on LinkedIn. Linking to a video is better than no video, right? Alas, the ability to share video amongst your contacts on LinkedIn is still there. You should use every opportunity to excel when it comes to marketing online.

To get you started we offer Creative Plans that will suit all of your online video needs. We’re also here for any questions relating to video, so if you’re still not sure how to share your content on LinkedIn effectively or on any other social media platform for that matter, we’re all ears!

It won’t be long until LinkedIn starts harnessing the power of video. Considering it is such a great marketing tool that many businesses have started to implement already. For now, we suggest uploading your videos to as many platforms as possible and as always sharing them everywhere you can.

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