The world of social media is becoming bigger and more popular year on year, it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The top 16 social media platforms share over 9 billion monthly users. So who takes the top spot?


As you can probably guess Facebook is the most used monthly social media platform with over 2 billion monthly users. It doesn’t quite consume the other platforms but is 1 billion users above number three. Just showing it’s popularity and strength in this market.


YouTubecomes in a close second. You may be saying that’s not a social media platform, but we beg to differ. With just short of 2 billion users, it’s a huge and growing platform. Conversation and engagement is what the site is all about. You may not upload a video yourself but you have access to follow and chat with other users making it a very sociable platform!


This is where the numbers begin to drop and the competition really starts to get fierce. Number 3 is Instagram with exactly 1 billion users per month. That’s a huge amount of users, but a billion below Facebook and YouTube. It’s got a very different demographic compared to the first two. It’s a little bit more niche bringing in the teen and young adult audience.


This one may surprise you it surprised us and it’s not one we’re too familiar with. Qzone which is essentially, we think, Facebook for China. It’s no surprise that this platform makes it on the list of the worlds most used social media platforms, with just under 600 million users a month. We can’t comment too much on this one as we’ve never used it, but if it’s not like Facebook let us know what’s different and why?


Our next entry is another Chinese platform, but once again we don’t know too much about it as it’s tailored to the Chinese market. Weibo has huge monthly user numbers and is a bit like a blogging website with a few more social functions. It comes in with just under 400 million monthly users, so another huge social media site.

There are a couple of social media sites we’d like to just briefly mention as you might be wondering where they are. Twitter gets just over 300 million users a month which surprised us. Reddit gets quite a lot too, at just over 300 million. You can see how popular and how big the numbers are with these top platforms, two of which are pretty much just for use in China, and those numbers are still growing especially with more platforms joining this competitive market space.

There is a huge audience out there to share your content with no matter what platform you use. If you want help or want some fresh new content contact us. We’re sure we can get you started in the online world.

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