Editing a project or making your own online content? Struggling to find decent stock footage? It’s a problem we have too. Sometimes it’s hard to source your own footage and with a treasure trove of free footage out there, why not make the most of it?! We’re going to give you a few sites that you can use to source all your stock footage needs. As well as a couple of well known paid subscribers just in case, you can’t quite find what you’re looking for.


We use Pixabay a lot it’s got some great quality footage and is completely free… to a point, like most of these websites. With a wide selection of HD and 4K footage to choose from it’s definitely a winner, it’s also got an easy user interface, unlike some other free footage sites. You can search for what you want. As well the site giving you suggestions from paid suppliers of footage. Pixabay can be incredibly helpful when trying to find that perfect B-Roll.


Is a hell of a lot like Pixabay with the same sort of interface and user functions. Once again the quality of the footage is brilliant but maybe not as great as Pixabay. Pexels still gives you the function to search for your video as well as offering paid suppliers whilst browsing.

3.  Storyblocks

This one in our minds isn’t as good as the previous two but still has a lot of great footage. As far as we can tell there isn’t much in the way of 4K footage but still a lot of good HD footage to be downloaded for free. The website is a lot easier to navigate with a lot of preferences to choose from if you become a member (paid of course). Storyblocks offers a lot of good free footage but to really get the most out of it you need to become a paid member. But we’d recommended checking it out as the choice on the site is fantastic.

There are a couple of paid services that are great and probably the leaders in this field which are well worth checking out. It’s probably no surprise we’re going to mention Shutterstock, famous for images we know! They have successfully transitioned into stock footage and let us tell you it has a lot of good stuff – If you’re willing to pay the price! Last on our list is Filmsupply who have a lot of great looking cinematic footage that we’ve used before, once again be warned, you have to pay the price for this incredible footage.

We hope this list has helped you on your way to finding some great. Happy editing!

The featured image for this post is taken from Shutterstock, this one was available through Google.


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