We’re just over halfway through the year and we want to share with you some of what we’ve been watching! We’ll be looking at what we’ve enjoyed on YouTube, Netflix and the like.

Colin and Samir are both YouTubers and filmmakers from LA creating content focused on our favourite subject, video. They run their own business and are a duo much like us so we’ve been enjoying how relatable their content is. Of course, well shot, produced and hosted. If you’re into anything video these guys are definitely worth checking out, from their honest view on the work they do and the industry. With helpful and insightful tips when it comes to producing video. Both charming and funny we recommend you subscribe to these guys immediately!

Wormwood is an absolutely incredible Netflix original, telling the tale of a CIA conspiracy. Partly set as a real documentary featuring interviews with family members, government officials and lawyers painting a picture of the chilling and twisted tale that lies ahead. Mixed in with recreations of the night and situation in question, with a myriad of incredible actors and a well put together story that leaves you right on the edge of your seat. If you like a good thriller and documentary combo this is definitely a series worth binge watching.

Love Isla…no.

Atlanta has finally aired in the UK on the BBC you can catch up now online. Written by stand-up comic, actor and musician Donald Glover.  And it’s been an absolute hit with awards for seasons one. And season two is out now it’s funny, endearing and current.  All about a rapper and his manager (Donald Glover) living in the city of Atlanta trying to make it big but struggling with balancing the music industry and life on the streets there’s plenty of drama and comedy involved.

Poldark is an amazing masterpiece of a series on the BBC, starring Aidan Turner as Capt. Ross Poldark, a redcoat returning to Cornwall after the American Revolutionary War. It is packed with action, adventure and romance. It’s something a little different and period drama is always great, well worth checking.

That’s a few of our favourites that we’ve been watching this year, let us know what you’ve been watching and if we’ve missed out on anything!

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