Is it that time already? Would you believe it, but today Two Cubed Creative turns THREE – we made it!

The past three years have been an absolute blast. We have had the pleasure of working with some amazing organisations and capturing some wonderful moments. From working with the NHS in Mid Essex, to a Napoleonic re-enactment group, we’ve seen it all (well, almost). We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has helped us on this journey, from our family and friends to the clients we’ve worked with. We can’t wait to see what the many years ahead hold for Two Cubed.

And with that, a few little announcements.

Back at the beginning of 2018 we launched our brand new array of services and plans, after working with and selling them for a number of months we have taken this opportunity to tweak and fine tune what we are offering. When we designed our plans and services we overcomplicated them and created them to what we thought would sell, the reality was we got it slightly wrong. We have stripped both our Plans and Services back and made them as simple as they should have been from the start, as well as introducing a couple of new things.

Creative Services

We started with Testimonials, Stories, Charity and Custom. Now, we have stripped it back and made it as simple as it should be. Video and Podcast (yes, that’s a new one that we’re very excited about). Click the icons above to see what they’re all about.


Creative Plans

What we very quickly realised was the Plans that we had put together didn’t fit what our customers needed, so we have tweaked them and made them a little more appealing.


Creative Collaboration Plans

These are something a little new, we pride ourselves on becoming an integral part of our client’s comms team. A creative outlet for people to lean or, share ideas with and make concepts a reality. Our Creative 6 and 12 Plan are designed for organisations looking to produce a lot of content.

All the logos are more consistent, clean and simple. We love them.

You may also have noticed, we have slightly redesigned our logo, fitting with the theme of simplifying and developing our branding. What do you think?

We are incredibly excited to start working on new projects for this, our fourth year of business, and can’t wait to work with new people to tell new stories.

Here’s to the many exciting years ahead!

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