Finding free music for your video isn’t easy, it’s always been a battle for filmmakers (including ourselves) to either source copyright free sound or music that’s at least reasonably priced. Trying to find pop music at a great price can be a headache. Plus if you use it without permission you soon bump into problems. Not great especially if that track you’ve chosen plays a big part in your video. You want good production quality when it comes to music and that’s hard to come by. We’re here to help with a few handy places you can source sound from!

Great free options

We recommend checking out a website called BenSound, it’s beautifully laid out and made to make it easy for you to find a track you love and download. You can find plenty of free well-produced tracks as well as other pay-to-download songs. The production quality on most tracks is great and there are several moods and genres to choose from. If you’re doing a blog or corporate style video this is definitely the place for you to find your sound.

Although hard to come by, YouTube now has the solution. There are a few channels that provide copyright free music, albeit some need crediting, but we feel that’s a small price to pay for a great track. For all types of different styles, genres and feels you should check out one of our favourite channels Audio Library. Some of the tracks are really well produced and wouldn’t even sit badly in a feature film. A couple of the other channels we like to use are No Copyright Sound and Vlog No Copyright, these are a little less organised than Audio Library but none the less provide some great productions. If you’re doing vlogs of any kind these two are the ones to check out.

Worth the investment

AudioBlocks is a great place to find music and sound effects, it costs around $9 a month and gives you unlimited downloads on music and sound effects. It’s UI is simple, giving you many options such as genre, feel, instrument, time and tempo. For a bit more of a professional feel to the music in your video, we definitely see these guys helping you out.

It’s time for you to start browsing for your ultimate music track for your ultimate video.

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