Tom and I have decided to venture into the world of podcasting with Two from Two Cubed. Podcasts are blowing up right now and we saw it as a perfect opportunity to talk about the things we’re both interested in… The creative industry, being a young entrepreneur and online video.

The first step we took was to order two microphones and a zoom H4N pro audio recorder. After recording a few tests, working on a script and becoming more comfortable hearing our own voices, which was no easy task! We came to realise we were recording on separate channels and the equipment we first bought wasn’t cutting it.

After a little research and troubleshooting, we invested in a mixer. This enabled us to record stereo sound from both mics and produce a higher quality podcast. With all the correct equipment in place and an understanding of what we were doing with it all.

We moved on to setting our studio up, initially we set up our mics next to each other. After a couple of run-throughs, we decided this wasn’t the best way to communicate and it wasn’t particularly comfortable. We switched it up moved our mics, sat across from each other and found ourselves in a much better position.

Podcasts are blowing up right now

With our newly completed script, we started to produce our intro episode. With a few takes of back and forth until we began to settle on the structure. The idea is to produce 10 to 20-minute episodes with the aim, and a little bit of luck, to produce a new episode every two weeks. Each episode we’ll talk about creativity in all sectors, we’ll talk to young business owners, something close to our hearts as we’re both under 30. With a few interviews in mind, we’re setting out on a new exciting chapter in Two Cubed Creative.

We’d appreciate your support, we want to make our podcast a conversation with everybody listening so please get in touch if you have questions, queries or comments about the creative industry, being a young business owner and of course online video. If you want to plug your business or tell your story we’re looking for people to join us in our conversation get in touch with us and we’ll get you on the show!

We look forward to speaking with you soon. The first episode of Two From Two Cubed will be released on Wednesday 20th June.

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