It’s now easier than ever to watch video, film or TV on the go using popular streaming apps from the iPlayer to YouTube and everyone’s favourite Netflix. 

The most popular way to watch online video is on your mobile phone using dedicated streaming apps. Making it so easy to log in and stream till your hearts content. Some apps now give you the option to download your favourite programmes so you don’t have to use your data! Pop your headphones in and watch Game of Thrones on the train, or maybe you fancy watching some great viral videos on YouTube during your break. Your mobile phone makes it so easy just to pull it out of your pocket and instantly engage with online video content.

Stream until your hearts content!

With technology constantly improving it’s now easier than ever to watch movies with your friends. Using a mini projector that connects wirelessly using Bluetooth to your mobile device you can share the viewing experience. When we hear the word projector we instantly think back to school and the big grey box that use to get wheeled out. The new generation of projector is so small and compact you can take them anywhere.

Video is so readily available with so many ways to view, it really is an experience for any time, anywhere with anyone.

If you’re thinking about creating a video and sharing it online, we have a catalogue of Creative Services and Plans to help you produce the ultimate online content.

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