Just starting using video online? It can be daunting at first and you may not be seeing the results you want. We’re here to help with a few tips to give your videos a creative boost! Here are 5 tips to up your video quality.


Lighting is crucial to making your video look professional and high quality. Don’t shoot against the sun, be it outside or blazing through a window, it will ruin your shot and make it overexposed. On the same token natural light is your friend find a bright airy room to shoot in. You’ll find that your image quality will improve tenfold. If you have the budget to spend you can pick up some lights, we’d recommend either box lights or for a lighter option LEDs.

Audio quality

You can’t always trust your phone or camera to pick up decent audio especially if you’re outside or filming at a distance from the camera. We recommend investing in a radio microphone, you can pick these up at a reasonable price. We’d recommend the Rode filmmaker kit but anything similar would be an improvement on your built-in microphones.


Keep your video interesting. Don’t be afraid to cut between shots, be it two different shots of you or some b-roll, it keeps your audience interested and engaged.

4. Camera

You can now shoot a pretty good looking video on most top mobiles, but you don’t have as much control as using a DSLR or video camera. You can pick up a digital camera at a reasonable price, we’d recommend looking at cameras that have the capability to shoot in 1080p (HD) or above.

Video Settings

When it comes to editing (which is really important) and exporting your video we want to focus on format, depending on where you’re putting your video. On Facebook the best format to have is 720 x 720 video (Square), it takes up more space on the news feed and encourages more engagement. Leading mobile phone brands now offer the function to shoot videos in this format, saving you editing later.

If you have any question or queries just get in touch we’re always happy to get creative and talk video!

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