Budding videographer? Or just looking to upgrade? Here’s our list of the best video cameras of 2017 for the use of anybody regardless of experience!

From 1080p to 4k video cameras are now more affordable and more accessible than ever, with better quality and ease of use making any hobbyist, family video shooter or budding videographer the ability to now shoot like a pro.

We’re looking at five cameras and reviewing three main qualities, image quality, value and ease of use.

5. Besteker HD Camcorder

This camera is the best value for money, it’s nothing special but it can shoot in 1080 producing a fairly high-quality video. With some positive customer reviews to back it up to.

For £69.98 this camera has some really cool features, a rotating screen, an 18x zoom, full HD in 1080p and even a handy webcam function.

Best for shooting family videos or for your hobbyist as this camera doesn’t give you much in the way of manual control, but it’s great for a point and shoot camera. Especially with that fantastic price. Great video quality, easy to use and great value for money, this is great to get you started!

4. Go Pro Hero 5

Something a little different but also well known to most people, great for use when shooting activities. A little pricier than our previous camera but with some really good features.

Costing £348 it’s a little pricey but incredibly durable being waterproof and having a solid structure, great for adventuring. It also comes with auto stabilisation, improved audio quality on previous models great for when you may be in the wind and improved video quality. Shooting in 4k or 1080p its great to watch back at home as it plugs straight into your tv.

Great video quality, audio quality, really easy to set up and use and for such a solid build we think it’s well worth the money.

3. Canon XC10

Great for people that are used to using DSLR’s, a very similar build and can still take incredible still images. But with the ability to shoot in 4k this camera is top of the range, for the more advanced videographer/hobbyist out there. We know from our equipment Canon is an incredibly trustable and durable brand of camera that shoots beautiful images.

This one is a bit pricey and should be bought by an experienced user, not for a beginner or someone who will use it now and then. It comes in at a whopping £1800 but it’s well worth the money as it’ll turn any amateur shoot into a professional one. Great for family videos, short films and anything you may want to film. With much more control over zooming and focus it can really give you the edge when filming.

With great image quality, a little harder to use and a little expensive it’s definitely one to think a little harder about.

2. Sony FDR-AX53 4K Handycam

Another 4k video camera with the ability to point and shot without having to worry too much about any settings, zoom or focus. Although it does have the function to zoom and isn’t bad at it either.

At £700 this one is a bit pricier than maybe some of the other point and shoot models. But with its incredible image quality, it’s well worth the price, making it very easy to use as it’s still a handy cam but with an incredible lens. Best use to make those home videos look that little bit more professional.

Great image quality, incredibly easy to use the only downside is a handy cam £700 is quite pricey and there are those slightly less in quality but for half the price out there.

1. Panasonic HC-WXF991K 4K Ultra HD Camcorder

This one is best for budding filmmakers with ultra HD in 4k the shots this camera produces are stunning.

With many functions that you can tinker with until your hearts content it really is a hobbyists dream but with the price tag to go with a serious piece of kit like this, an eye-watering £1600. But well worth the money if you’re thinking about getting serious or use your video camera a lot! With all the extra features that make the difference, a movable viewfinder, a glare-free screen, five channel mic for great sound quality and up to two hours shooting time on the battery.

Image quality on this is the best out of the lot and definitely does not skimp, much harder to use but with the ability to really get the best shot possible, value for money it is but obviously for the occasional user not worth the price. All in all, this is our favourite for 2017.


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