Video testimonials are without a doubt the best way to share client experiences. The ability to connect those great memories from previous clients to potential clients is made instantly. Building trust immediately with a prospective client, essentially saying “Hey! Don’t just take my word for how great we are. Take someones that have used this service”. You’re letting great customer relationships and positive experiences sell for you. And all of this in such a short space of time, no big sales pitch, no need to bring out the statistics, just a great connection between previous clients and new.

We’re making it easier and cheaper to connect with a fantastic offer of TWO testimonials for £200.00.

Why such a great offer? We’re celebrating just turning two and we thought what better way to celebrate. Shot over two days with two different clients of your choosing, we aim to give you two fantastic video testimonials to be used on multiple platforms from emails, websites, blogs to social media posts!

Get this offer why you still can and give us a call on 01245 362893, or for more information click here.




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