The way we view images and video is changing, with the introduction of 360 photo and video tours, virtual reality, and augmented reality, all of which have their own appeal and use. It’s time to sell your property in style! We’re going to take a look at 360 video and 360 photo tours; what it is, how it works, where to use it and how much it will set you back. We’ll also show you a couple of examples of the tours already in use within the housing industry.

So what is a 360 tour?

In short, it is a new way to experience a real-life space virtually, without ever being there. The ability to go from room to room all through the use of a headset in-store or via a YouTube video embedded on your website. A photo tour works simply by taking a set of images of a room, let’s say a bedroom, usually, four photos (one in every direction) are patched together to give you a 360º view of the bedroom. You can view these on 360 enabled devices, for example, an iPhone or Android phone in store or online where the viewer will click and drag around in the virtual space. A 360 video tour is slightly more complicated and there are several ways to make one. For instance, you can buy a ready-made camera that will have the functionality to shoot a 360 scene in one go, then that’s uploaded into an editor and patched together automatically. Alternatively, you could attach four Go Pros to a monopod and do it that way albeit a little bit more complicated when it comes to patching it together. The video tour gives you the ability to be truly immersed in the experience itself as it plays out in real time. Have a look at a couple of examples below.

The cost?

As it stands it can range anywhere between £70 to over £1000. This is obviously dependant on different factors, such as if you’re subscribed to have as many 360 tours as you want or if you are paying house by house. Most companies will charge you per room but some do charge per house and obviously the bigger the house, the bigger the cost. The price can vary depending on the equipment used, some are more time-consuming than others, as mentioned.

Why is this helpful when selling your properties?

Online video and 360 video tours as a concept are in a growing market. We know from our own research and the research of others, clients are far more likely to stick around on a web page or even visit it in the first place if there is a video. The same goes for 360 tours, users are immediately drawn to this interactive experience. If you’re looking to rent or buy a property you can have a look around without even leaving the comfort of your own seat. We truly believe this will increase sales because done well, it increases viewings you have on your properties in a virtual way, you’ve already hooked a customer into looking at your property. As an estate agent, having a headset ready to go in your office will enable your customers to view potential properties in a much more favourable way compared to watching a slideshow or looking at thumbnails pictures. With virtual reality becoming increasingly more reasonable in price, now is the time to get your 360 tour!

We’re offering 360 tours for as low £75 right now! Get in touch with us to find out more.


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