We’ve been thinking a lot about 360 and AR (Augmented Reality) recently. Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be coming to stores on September 1st, but why are we writing about the release of a toy?

Disney announced that the toys will include an augmented reality element. The AR experience will give users the ability to unlock and collect different characters from the franchise. This AR component, called Find the Force, is a huge element of Disney’s campaign. Displays around the Disney stores will each feature characters like Rey or a Stormtrooper. Using the Star Wars mobile app users can scan the displays triggers life-size digital versions to appear within the app. They’ll be able to take photos and videos of the characters! The displays will each invoke a new character for every day of the event, resulting in a total of 15 different unlockable characters.

On September 1st, the initiative will also be used to unveil an entirely new character that hasn’t yet been revealed.

AR seems to be increasing in popularity, slowly but surely. With the success of games like Pokemon GO and huge developers getting behind AR. We think it’s something we have got to pay particular attention to. Are you thinking about using AR, or even 360 videos in your marketing campaigns? Get in touch!


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