Inspired from some of the beautiful weather we’ve had this summer. Let’s talk about a few handy tips for filming outside on a sunny day!

We know it’s not always easy filming when it’s so bright outside, or filming outside in general for that matter. So hopefully this guide will be handy in helping you with some of the most frequent problems when it comes to filming outside!


Heat can often affect your equipment negatively, this may like a simple tip, but it’s always worth remembering to keep your equipment shaded in sunny weather. Maybe bring a cloth or some sort of instrument to shade your camera as you’re filming!


Always bring spare batteries! If you’re filming outside the likely hood is that there is no power source around. No good getting all the way to the middle of nowhere to realize your batteries have died or are going to die. It saves a wasted journey and potentially an embarrassing situation. The same goes for spare sd cards (although you should get into the habit of doing this  no matter where you are)


Use the right microphone! Boom mic or a lapel mic? Do I take the muff off the boom mic if it’s not windy? These are questions you probably ask yourself when recording audio! Are you doing an interview outside and it’s blowing a gale? Use a lapel mic if you have one, it’ll limit the distance from your subject so you’re not getting all that noisy wind interference. Want to capture some of that beautiful bird song you can hear? Use your directional mic! To windy whack a muff on it! Still not too sure it’s worth watching a few videos and reading a few blogs to really get the hang of sound outdoors!


Have a suitable way to transfer your gear! Rough terrain or smooth roads? A carry case is always good but doesn’t always hold what you need, we use one of our cameras but have recently upgraded to a larger case to fit everything in (with wheels!) we’ve found it’s made life a lot easier for us instead of carrying around 4 or 5 different bags with your equipment in, although going up pesky stairs can sometimes cause a problem! Although there are many solutions such as big carry bags or made to suit backpacks if you’re feeling strong enough! It’s always helpful to also remember to only take what you need, you don’t want all that excess weight for no reason.


Enjoy the sunshine!!! Don’t forget to have fun and put that sun cream on! As much as it’s always funny to see your colleague turn a beautiful shade of red, we don’t want any of that sunstroke! Drink plenty of water and make sure you’ve dressed appropriately for the occasion/weather!

By the time this blog is published knowing the not so great British weather it’ll be a downpour and we’ll have to do another blog on that.


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