July 28th 2015, I started tgudgeon|media in my bedroom, with a goal of producing great quality videos for great businesses. Here we are TWO years later, under the name of Two Cubed Creative and going in the right direction!

As we have done before, we are going to be giving something away to celebrate our TWO year anniversary. Along with that, we are offering 20% off audiovisual quotes for TWO months – that means you could get your first video from £400.00.

Check out our Twitter to find out more about the TWO-year competition, we’ll be posting about it from 28 July through to 19 August.

We have had another incredibly successful year. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our clients who we’ve had the absolute pleasure of working with. Some of the clients from the past year include Dementia Adventure, Connect Well, The 45eme, and WFP. From stories about organisations, to epic movie trailer styled videos.

It’s safe to say Adam and I have had a wicked year.

Some of the highlights for me this year have got to be from working with the NHS Mid Essex CCG. The stories that we heard from a variety of different people across Mid Essex of their experiences with health care were eye opening. Shooting with the 45eme at Ickworth House (a National Trust property, well worth a visit). Popping to St Georges Park with Show Racism the Red Card to film with the Under 20s team and manager Gareth Southgate.

This year we are looking to invest in a lot of new equipment. In this day and age, and with the developments of 4K and 8K, it’s hard to keep up with equipment. However, we are keen to keep ahead of the curve offering our clients exciting new video options in 2017/2018. From 360 video to beautiful 4K videos, we want to be ready!

Thanks again for a wicked year TWO, and here’s to year three!


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