We are huge fans of The xx here at Two Cubed, and we are huge fans of their latest video, which is also secretly (not that secretly) a Calvin Klein ad. Calvin Klein collaborated with The xx to create the indie band’s latest music video, a nostalgic tribute to Los Angeles scattered with the brand’s clothing. Smart advertising.

Filmmaker Alasdair McLellan worked with Calvin Klein on the creative concept and direction of the music video for The xx’s song I Dare You. McLellan previously directed The xx’s videos for On Hold and Say Something Loving.

Although not a blindingly obvious collaboration, all the characters in the music video are wearing Calvin Klein clothing. Marketing models are changing and the way that we see products and services advertised has changed. Brands make deals with YouTubers, bloggers, music artists and anyone classed as the infamous ‘influencer’.

The video was shot in Los Angeles at two architectural landmarks, Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House and John Lautner’s Rainbow House. It tells the story of lovestruck teenagers who cut school. As they explore the City they end up at a mysterious house with a pool where the band plays.

What recent brand collaborations caught your eye?


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