We recently wrapped on a project working with a Napoleonic reenactment group, the 45e Infanterie de Ligne. 

We were really fortunate with this project as it allowed us to unleash our creativity in a different way to how we normally do with the corporate videos. Tasked with creating an epicmovie trailer-esq, video for the 45eme, we set to work creating a story. The 45eme will use the video to promote themselves, both to potential comrades and organisations and companies who want to hire them to appear at events.

Unleash our creativity

Whilst shooting the video for the 45eme we visited two different reenactment events, one at Ickworth House and the other at Western Heights in Dover. We ended up shooting the majority of the video at Western Heights. The location was absolutely perfect for the story and video we wanted to create.

The 45eme are really happy with the video, and so are we. The video has over 2,000 views on Facebook and some really positive comments. Check the full video out below.

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