Being able to advertise online opens so many doors. But advertising with video on YouTube can open so many more. Here’s how and why.

Video is more engaging than text or a poster your audience is more likely to stick around and watch it (or pay enough and they have no choice). The next thing I noticed was the redirection the companies website, in this case, it’s Master Class, this so important for driving traffic to your website increasing the possibility of having a positive engagement with your audience. Most adverts are now catered towards individuals, giving you a higher chance of hitting your target audience.

Let’s quickly talk pricing, fortunately, it is completely flexible. You can set a budget, obviously the bigger the budget the more conversions you’ll get but, a small budget is better than no budget. Increasing your digital reach with the benefit of being a lot cheaper than traditional television advertising. With most of internet traffic now being viewing video.

It’s simple, choose your location, your budget, and your potential target audience, get your banner or video ready then you wait for your conversions to start rolling in!

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