The best-performing videos on social media are within a user’s feed, on silent mode and shorter than 15 seconds, according to a study by Twitter and Omnicom Media Group.

The research found that, when viewed in-feed, videos were 7% more personally relevant and stimulated 14% more memory encoding than when watched full-screen. The study also found shorter video clips (15 seconds or less) were more likely to drive memory encoding. It’s  worthwhile for brands to engage viewers before displaying themselves. Brands that waited until after the first three seconds had a 36% chance of causing viewers to stop scrolling and maximizing the ad, versus 28 percent when the brand is seen in the first three seconds.

Video is a smart way to grab the attention of your audience. Add text to enhance the chances of engagement. The first three seconds do not need audio to capture attention, most people watch on silent mode, and it’s only after the first few seconds that people will click on the video. Do you use video on social media?

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