A 30 second GoPro advert that raises a very good point!

From the early days of 1920’s home movies started to become a fad. A great way to keep family memories and occasions forever. One problem, you’re not in them! Why? Because you’ve always been behind the camera, holding and recording everyone else’s very social activity whilst you yourself are doing something quite the opposite, observing through a lens!

Wouldn’t it be nice to let the camera do all the work for you? Without you needing to ever be behind it or missing out on any of the fun.

From the basic selfie stick to the GoPro Hero, there are so many ways to shoot video without having to worry about missing all the fun.

The cheapest option to solve this problem would be the humble selfie stick. With Christmas coming, this is a cheap and easy to use product perfect as a stocking filler. Ranging in price from 99p from Menkind, all be it very basic (https://goo.gl/p9HTgd ). To your fancy £20.00 selfie stick with a built in mic, available on Amazon (https://goo.gl/UQ5J04).

Another economic option would be your iPhone and a Gorillapod, we highly recommend this as we love using ours! Okay, so you may not be able to move around with it but it can be hung from a tree or put on near enough anything. Great for filming the family opening presents on Christmas day! With all different sizes ranging in price the cheapest being medium sized at £8.19 from Mini in the Box (https://goo.gl/hZdVwK). For those too good to film on an iPhone the Gorillapod Focus, built for professional photographers, can hold 5kg, with the tasty price of £79.00 from Clifton Cameras (https://goo.gl/8hd4Z1).

Last but not least GoPro, the cheapest we found was a GoPro Hero Session camera, ideal to stick on a helmet; a rig or even on a selfie stick from Halford for just £149 (https://goo.gl/ZVUL3U) It shoots 720p to 1080p, so great high quality footage, with easy one button control ideal for being on the go. On the other end of the spectrum is the higher end GoPro Hero 5 Action at £349 from Currys/PC World (https://goo.gl/a1vIXw). Shooting in 4k for crystal clear footage, with a large touchscreen for ease of use and simple voice commands for when your having so much fun you can’t stop.

The future of home video is here! Keep on making videos!

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