So, you're being told that video is a crucial marketing tool, but why?

In our Why Video? series, we show you how to create your own videos, explore different variations of video content and answer the question Why Video?

You can find each video in the series below, with all the references that we feature.

Episode #1

Video will always outperform text-based content, its (more than likely) the way your audience wants to see your brand, product or services.

In Episode #1 we throw down some stats that should really make you think. It’s time to get your first video made, and made well.

With 79% of all internet traffic in 2018 predicted to video, now is definitely the time to get ahead of the curve. Best of all, we can help guide you in the right direction or help you produce your very first video.


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Episode #2

In Episode #2 we talk about different types of video you’ll find online. Video is everywhere, its readily available and 80% of all UK adults are accessing it on a daily basis.

We can help guide you in the right direction or help you produce your very first video.

Episode #3

In this episode of Why Video? Toby talks about the power of video and how you should harness it to share your story.

Why would you read a word heavy document when you can watch a video that covers the same points and topics in 2 minutes?

Episode #4

In Episode #4 we share our tips for being comfortable in front of the lens. We spend most of our lives behind the camera, so we thought it was only fair to share some of our tips on how to be more at home in front of the camera.

Episode #5

In this episode of Why Video? Adam and Tom talk about why Podcasts are blowing up right now.

We have seen a massive surge in the popularity of podcasts in 2018, and they are fast evolving. Podcasts aren’t just audio only, but video too.

Episode 6 will be available on our YouTube channel on 25 July 2018. Make sure you subscribe!